Featured What to do if your children don’t eat breakfast

Infants-0002Some children will start to feel hungry after waking up for a few hours.You need to allow such children to do other things first, like putting on the clothes,packing lunch and picking up the bookbag. After a while they will be intrested in eating.Or you can prepare a variety of breakfast drinks which are similar with milk shake. Of course the breakfast drinks need to be rich in vitamins.Put them in a cup and put a straw in the cup.Have your children drinking them when doing other things.

Provide more choices for breakfast, because some kids are not interested in the traditional breakfast, but they are willing to try new things.The chicken, soup, and even pizza left before the day can be a big breakfast.


What complementary food is good for a 4-month-old baby ?

As the baby grows up, after 4 months,breast milk can’t fully satisfy his need for nutrition.Parents should consider to feed baby with complementary food.But it is a difficult thing for moms.So what complementary food is good for a 4-month-old baby?

Rice paste:Rice paste is not easy to cause baby allergies。

Protein food:Egg yolk can be made into a paste, or add some chicken livers in it to increase iron.

Fruit juice:vegetable juice,orange juice,apple juice,tomato juice.

Does a 4-month-old baby need to be fed with complementary food?

In fact,when baby is 4-month-old, the Vitamin B1, nicotinic acid, vitamin C and D, as well as iron and other nutrients in breast milk is not enough to meet the needs of the development of the baby.Some baby will have deciduous tooth grown or deciduous tooth will come soon,and the salivary gland is mature, and the amylase begins to secrete,baby has been able to digest some starchy semi liquid food.As the baby’s growth rate is very fast, baby needs a lot of heat and nutrients, if the food in this stage can not meet the nutritional needs of the baby, it will lead to malnutrition. Therefore, supplementary food has become a must be put on the agenda.Moms should pay attention to that it needs about 1 to 2 months from begin to feed complementary food to feed complementary food successfully. You need to feed baby with complementary food when the baby is 4-month-old,and the baby can really accept the complementary food when he is 6-month-old. In this period,breast milk and formula are still the main source of baby’s daily nutrition,And mud paste food is the transition of the carrier, it is necessary food to be added

One day diet arrangement for a 1-year-old baby

Staple food: cereal(soft rice,porridge,etc.),cooked wheaten food(noodles,pasta sheets,bread,steamed stuffed bun,steamed bread,dumplings,wonton,etc.):

complementary food: :breast milk or formula,boiled water,fruit juice,vegetable juice,vegetable soup,vegetable mud,vegetable smalls,meat soup,shredded meat,liver mud,animal blood,bean products,steamed egg,fruits,molar food,cookies,etc.;

Diet arrangement:

6:00:200ml of breast milk or formula,30g of vegetable mud.

8:00:some of molar food or cookies,100-120ml of vegetable soup or meat soup,1 to 3 pieces of fruits.

10:00:A small bowl of porridge(with dried meat floss,vegetable mud,vegetable smalls,etc.),half an egg,2 pieces of biscuits or a small piece of steamed bread.

12:00:30 to 60g of shredded meat or vegetable smalls or tofu or animal blood or liver,100 to 120ml of warm boiled water or fruit juice or vegetable juice.

14:00:A small bowl of soft rice,30 to 60g of shredded meat or vegetable smalls or tofu or animal blood or liver,half an egg.

16:00:some of molar food or cookies,1 to 3 pieces of fruits,100 to 200ml of warm boiled water or fruit juice or vegetable juice.

18:00:A small bowl of noodles or pasta sheets,or 3 to 5 small dumplings,or 5 to 7 small wontons,30 to 50g of tofu or animal blood or liver smalls or shredded meat or vegetable smalls,50 to 100ml of meat soup.

20:00:A small piece of steamed bread or cake or bread,some molar foods,100 to 120ml of warm boiled water or fruit juice or vegetable juice.

22:00:200ml of breast milk or milk or formula.

What fruits are good for a 1-year-old baby to eat?

Fruit is rich in nutrition,andcan make people feel fresh and comfortable after eating it,so many parents want to let baby eat some fruit. So what fruits are good for a 1-year-old baby to eat?

1: Apple

Apple is rich in nutrition, contains a variety of vitamins, trace elements, minerals and other nutrients, it is with the function of stimulate saliva, moistening lung, appetizing, antidiarrheal and defecation.If baby has indigestion,you can feed baby with apple juice.


Bananas contain protein, carbohydrate, fat, and a variety of trace elements and vitamins, have the effect of heat Runchang, prevention and treatment of constipation ..In addition, banana’s pulp is soft, it is suitable for baby whose chewing ability is not very good to eat; it can also be made to banana mudfor baby.


Orange is a kind of common delicious fruits , the pulp is rich in vitamin C, calcium, dietary fiber, carotenoids and other nutrients.Orange has the effect of Pass stool, appetite, cough, Run Fei. Mother can feed baby with it directly, or juice for the baby to drink.


Pear is referred to the “full range of healthy fruit,”by some scientists and doctors, the pulp contains vitamin C, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and so on nutrient elements,it has the effect of clearing heat, detoxification, lungs, cough, and efficacy.


Is it good for a 1-year-old baby to eat egg ?

Eggs are rich in nutrition,they are suitable for a 1-year-old baby to eat.Eggs have big benefit to physical development.But,parents should pay attention to that,if your baby is below 1-year-old,don’t feed your baby with a whole egg,just feed baby with yolk.

Before 1-year-old,baby’s digestive system development is not completed, the intestinal wall is very thin, and the permeability is very high, while the protein in egg white is albumin, the albumin’s molecule is so small,it can enter the baby’s blood directly through the bowel wall ,this is easy to lead to a series of allergic reactions or allergic diseases.So,the baby below 1-year-old can only eat yolk.

After 1-year-old,the baby can eat a whole egg.,but the baby can eat at most 2 eggs in one day.