Featured What to do if your children don’t eat breakfast

Infants-0002Some children will start to feel hungry after waking up for a few hours.You need to allow such children to do other things first, like putting on the clothes,packing lunch and picking up the bookbag. After a while they will be intrested in eating.Or you can prepare a variety of breakfast drinks which are similar with milk shake. Of course the breakfast drinks need to be rich in vitamins.Put them in a cup and put a straw in the cup.Have your children drinking them when doing other things.

Provide more choices for breakfast, because some kids are not interested in the traditional breakfast, but they are willing to try new things.The chicken, soup, and even pizza left before the day can be a big breakfast.


What to do if baby defecates too many times

What to do if baby defecates too many times?This is the question asked by many mothers-to-be.Now, let us adjust it from food.
1.Chinese chive juice.Mash leek,take one small cup of the juice,then drink it together with warm water,one time in morning and evening espectively.
2.Peel fresh tomato,cut it to smalls,then mash the smalls together with water,wrap the mushed smalls with gauze,wring juice.Take the juice 1 to 2 spoons together with honey every morning with empty stomach,drink for half a month.
3.Take 10g to 20g radish seeds, fry them ,then grind them to smalls, add sugar,infuse with boiling water, drink this 1 to 2 times a day.
4.Take 15g of black sesame,mush it to smalls, then boil the smalls in water, eat it with empty stomach.
5.Astragalus Su Ma porridge.6.Almond junket.7.Prepare Chinese patent drug at home.
If newborn baby’s poo is smelly,it refers to protein dyspepsia,you should reduce the amount of milk appropriately or dilute milk.

The frequency of baby fed with milk

Compared to a breastfeeding baby,newborn baby of artificial feeding discharge less poo,and the poo is always dry and rough.As long as there is no problem with digestion function,the poo is commonly earth yellow or golden yellow with sour smell, and about 1 to 2 times a day.After baby’s digestion function is stable,baby of artificial feeding will discharge more times,and the poo is more hard,yellow and smelly than a breastfeeding baby’s.Baby of artificial feeding should discharge poo at least onc time a day, if not, it will be very laborious to discharge poo because the poo is too hard, and there may be a constipation.
Sometimes, parents may find that baby’s poo is soft like a soft-shell egg, but the poo discharged by normal baby is hard.The solution is to let baby drink more water: that is to add more water into formula milk in usual.In the spacing time between two milk feeding, feed baby with more boiled water.When baby is some months old, you can add some dried plum juice or filtered fruit juice into drinking water to prevent hard stool.
The formula milk has not to be added in sugar,if baby drinks formula milk added with sugar or containing sugar, then baby’s poo must be loose,green or curd like.Now, you need to stop to add sugar into formula milk, or contact with doctor.

The frequency of pure breast fed infant’s poo

Firstly. there are periods for the frequency of pure breast fed infant’s poo.And the frequency of pure breast fed infant’s poo is very flexible.Normally,baby will discharge poo many times a day in neonatal period,about 2 to 5 times a day,or even defecate after feeding every time.This is because breast milk is easy to be digested and is favorable to the excretion.So if a breastfeeding baby discharges poo many times a day and the poo is thin,but the baby’s status in all respects are good, then it is narmal and parents needn’t to be worry.
Newborn baby with breast milk even discharges poo 7 to 8 times a day,this is called physiological diarrhea,it is normal.Baby’s poo is always like paste or ice cream, without smell.A breastfeeding baby seldom has the problem of constipation,he or she seems can absorb all of the things,there is little waste.Please remember that the food mother ate will affect baby.When baby is one month old,digestive function is mature,the baby will discharge poo one time a day or two days,this is normal.When baby is two to three months old,a breastfeeding baby will discharge poo one time in four to five days, or even eight to ten days,this shows that baby’s digestive function is very good.After four months, if baby’s poo still keep this status, but baby’s status in all respects are good ,you needn’t to be worry.Or you need to take some measures.The frequency of poo for children over 1 year old will decrease to one time a day.

The reasons for abnormal stool color in infants

Mother may be very curious about why the baby’s stool color will be abnormal.Isn’t it caused by living habits?In fact,the direct reason of abnormal stool is food.
The stool’s color is closely related with food.For example,o,range juice will make the stool green,Tomato juice makes stool red. If the frequency or consistency of stool has changed,adjust the baby and the mother’s diet in time.If the child’s weight increases slowly, the mental state is not good,and always irritable cry, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
So,you can adjust baby’s eating habits according to baby’s poo to maintain a healthy state.
Abnormal color of poo caused by fat indigestion:Baby’s poo increases,and very watery,with many grains and stink.Give breast-fed baby eat the first half of breast milk,and discard the second half milk which contains plenty of fat.At the same time,mother can drink plenty of water and eat less foods high in fat or oil.Give artificial feeding baby eat fat free milk or boiled milk without the the milk skin in surface.
Abnormal color of poo caused by sugar indigestion:Baby’s poo is watery,with foam and smells rancid.Use glucose to take the place of sucrose to add flavor, and feed baby with rice or light soybean milk instead of milk food.
Abnormal color of poo caused by protein indigestion:Baby’s poo smells like rotten egg.Limit the amount of milk for one to two days if not add complementary,Or stop to add complementary,then poo will be normal.And use multi vitamin preparation to help digestion.
Abnormal color of poo caused by hard poo damaging the anus:Poo is brown,bloody and hard,this is caused by constipation.Let baby drink more warm water and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Classification of abnormal stool color in infants

To judge the health state of your baby,mother can find traces frome baby’s poo.
If the color of baby’s poo is red:
First case:Scarlet red is not mixed with poo, just adheres to the stool surface,or there is blood dropping out or jetting out after defecation, it is the tips for the anus or anal disease,like bleeding caused by hemorrhoids, anal fissure, intestinal polyps and rectal cancer.
Second case:Red-jam-like stool refers to intussusception and dark red-jam-like bloody purulent stool is in amiba dysentery.
Third case:Mucus purulent bloody stool always refers to bacterial dysentery and enteritis.
If the color of baby’s poo is shine color, it says that your baby has eaten too much fat.
If the color of baby’s poo is green, and the poo is not much but with much mucus,it refers to hunger diarrhea.In addition,some baby who is fed with formula will discharge dark green poo,because the formula is added with a certain amount of iron,this iron will be dark green after go through the digestive tract and contact with air.
If the color of baby’s poo is grey white,you need to guard against the possibility of bile duct obstruction.In addition,the fatty acids produced by eating too much milk or too little sugar will combine with calcium and magnesium in food to get fatty soap,then the poo is also grey white,hard and with smell.
If baby’s poo is light brown water sample, and with obvious sour smell,this may be because the baby ate an excess of starch food, and the sugar in the food causes indigestion.
If baby’s poo is marmalade,it refers to intussusception, and dark red-jam-like bloody purulent stool refers to amiba dysentery.